China to enhance pricing of gold weight “Shanghai gold” reshaping the global gold pricing system

Shanghai gold weighting


A Gold Mining Development in China

Gold mining industry qualification examination and approval is canceled top design domestic gold industry

There were rumors that China was mining gold that cost $2500/oz to extract. Apparently due to “Party inefficiencies” aka too many insiders wetting their beaks. It seems that party is over and all the gold mined in China will be on the books henceforth.

“Catfish effect, activating the whole industrial chain vitality

“Asked him that so clear? As there is water flowing.” Achieve national strategic gold, the driving force behind the development of gold industry needs and potential implementation catfish effect is necessary. Cancel qualification examination and approval, there will be a number of catfish poured into the market, will activate the entire gold industry vitality. Currently, gold prices are still a lot of waste of high energy consumption and low output, natural resources, human resources and information resources seriously. Cancel qualification examination and approval, potentially increasing the sense of crisis, gold prices, innovation-driven implementation of the initiative.

RMB internationalization need a group of powerful industries and enterprises do support. International market does not favor any party, nor take sides with the RMB, the yuan is facing unprecedented competition, the need to have strong market competitiveness of its gold industry sail escort. Survival of the fittest.

In fact, after decades of conservation development, China’s gold industry has had considerable development strength.

Jubilee had rung, only enthusiastic gold mining, is the way out.”